What Is Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) and Why Passwords Are Not Enough

With cyber breaches making headlines seemingly every week, one thing is clear — passwords alone are no longer enough to keep us safe. While stopping all online crime is not a realistic goal, Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is a simple but critical step in your security flow that can massively reduce the likelihood you or your … Read more

This #WeeklyRecap brings you an AI Update and a [TBD Sport]2Earn

dotmoovs Just now·2 min read Starting the week with some Economics Throughout the past week, we released a series of articles about dotmoovs economics — now it was time to glue it all together in a big manual that can guide you through our possible revenue streams. Even though we are combining technology and sports, … Read more

Shyft Network: Summer-Fall 2021 Recap

From open-sourcing our Veriscope travel rule solution to partnerships with industry players like Tether and Panther Protocol, our team has been busy building the future of trust and compliance in blockchain. Shyft Network Just now·6 min read What a few months it’s been for Shyft Network! We want to extend a big thanks to our … Read more

Continuous authentication: how it works and what you need to know about use cases and industries

What is continuous authentication? Continuous authentication relies on analyzing multiple data points linked to a unique user. This data can include browser activity, mouse characteristics, mobile sensors, and even behavioral biometrics. The data points are continuously monitored to identify changes in behavior, confirming or blocking a user’s access to corporate assets or programs.  Any changes … Read more

The Economic Manual of dotmoovs

A guide to successfully understand the World of dotmoovs dotmoovs Just now·9 min read We have been releasing the information on how the whole dotmoovs economics work. It’s now time to put everything together in one comprehensive article that gives a full insight on the most important questions about the World of dotmoovs. Summary: Intro … Read more

Welcome to the Revolution Fantasy League

Exeedme Just now·3 min read Welcome to the Revolution Fantasy League Hello there, gamers, friends, family, holders, everybody! Surely you will have heard by now of one of the most spectacular esports events in the history of the globe, the Revolution Tournament. It’s already happening as we speak, and you can find the live streams … Read more

The xMOOV & Rollovers. Introduction to the economics of dotmoovs [Part 4]

dotmoovs Just now·2 min read MOOV & xMOOV Some time ago, even before the app was made public (Beta Version), dotmoovs started using a different naming for its token. Due to some technical, legal and financial constraints, it didn’t make sense to use the same name for the trading token inside the app and the … Read more

A #WeeklyRecap about NFT Renting, Bonuses, Players and much more

dotmoovs Just now·2 min read Introducing an innovative concept to embrace the community as a whole In case you have missed it, just like in real life, if you want to play against others you need a ball — but fear not, dotmoovs is introducing the NFT Renting, where you don’t have to own the … Read more

HOPR DAO v0.2 Analysis

Rik Krieger Nov 19 · 7 min read The second governance experiment for the HOPR DAO ended on October 21st with two votes on how to allocate around $300k in HOPR tokens and DAI earned by the DAO for providing liquidity. You can see an overview of the results and participation levels here. But now … Read more