Exeedme Public Roadmap: 2023

Exeedme Dec 29 · 5 min read Looking forward to 2023 Exeedme has been on a wild ride since its launch in December 2020. During these years, we had ups and downs, but we have kept consistency, since victories can only be achieved when we put in the necessary work. Bull markets are the moments … Read more

Step into COS.SPACE Reality

ContentosHome Dec 27 · 2 min read COS.SPACE will soon get an exciting product update! COS.SPACE Reality is a virtual reality world that will allow COS.SPACE users to not only hover over the COS.SPACE matrix but to also look inside the SPACEs. COS EXPO 2023 is an exhibition about Contentos and our amazing creators, and … Read more

Three Cybersecurity Trends and Concerns for 2023

The top three cybersecurity trends and concerns for 2023 gravitate around privacy and data security as issues of growing importance. While the public and private sectors continue to take increased actions to prevent and limit the effects of cybercrimes, they must stay grounded on the present and future cybersecurity realities.  At the beginning of 2023, … Read more

NYDFS Issues Crypto Guidelines for Banks

Shyft Network Dec 22 · 4 min read NYDFS issued guidelines to tighten the pre-license verification process for banking organizations planning to engage in crypto activities. The guidelines will apply both to local financial institutions as well as local branches of foreign financial entities with NYDFS licenses. Banks need to provide information & & documents … Read more

DSLA Protocol announces DSLA Chain, its own blockchain network

From V1 to L1 The DSLA core team is proud to announce the development of our own blockchain network, DSLA Chain, powered by Avalanche’s subnet technology. DSLA Chain will host a comprehensive suite of Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) products, in an effort to achieve consumer protection beyond DSLA Protocol. ✨ DSLA Protocol remains our flagship … Read more

Veriscope Weekly Regulatory Recap — 12th December to 18th December

Shyft Network Dec 19 · 4 min read Welcome to another exciting edition of Veriscope Regulatory Recap. This week’s crypto regulatory updates mostly revolve around different agencies, authorities, and commissions, such as the US FSOC, BaFin (Germany), G20 committee, and Basel committee on banking, insisiting on stricter crypto regulations, and the response of the ecosystem. … Read more

Crypto Industry Dubs Sen. Warren and Marshall’s Crypto Bill “Regressive”

Shyft Network Dec 16 · 4 min read The back-to-back setbacks the crypto industry experienced in 2022 are playing in favor of vocal crypto critics, including prominent lawmakers, who have begun directing a barrage of criticism against everything the crypto ecosystem stands for. Just a few days ago, Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Marshall presented the … Read more

Looking back at 2022

Exeedme Dec 16 · 5 min read In this article, we will take a closer look at our developments in 2022, examining our performance against a challenging Roadmap and uncertain environment. We will analyze the key factors that have contributed to its success and consider what lessons can be learned from this past year in … Read more

FSB Insists on Global Standards to Regulate Crypto

Shyft Network Dec 16 · 3 min read With 2022 proving to be a challenging year for crypto investors, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) calls for regulating the crypto industry to protect common investors. The FSB will release a set of global standards on crypto regulations early next year to bring the industry on par … Read more

Exeedme is a part of the Hype GVA!

Exeedme Dec 14 · 2 min read Exciting news everyone! The Exeedme team thrilled to announce that we have been selected to participate in the HYPE GVA 3.0 program by HYPE Sports Innovation. HYPE Sports Innovation has built the largest global ecosystem in sports innovation, and since 2015 has been leveraging this platform to grow … Read more