Veriscope Regulatory Recap — March 13th to March 19th

Shyft Network Mar 20 · 4 min read Welcome to another edition of the Veriscope Regulatory Recap. This week, we look at Illinois’ proposed crypto bill, a Federal Judge taking on the SEC over current regulatory uncertainty, the EU’s bill to regulate smart contracts, and Russia’s first CBDC regulation draft. But no matter what regulatory … Read more

Adaptive Privacy

Dr. Sebastian Bürgel Mar 20 · 3 min read With the release of RPCh, the first commercial service developed on HOPR, it is a great time to discuss the concept of adaptive privacy. But first, we’ll need to go over a constraint inherent to all anonymous communication (AC) protocols — the anonymity trilemma. What is … Read more

Cere Network is Attending GDC ‘23

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Gibraltar-Based Xapo Bank to Enable USDC Services Amidst Banking Crisis

Shyft Network Mar 16 · 2 min read The recent failure of two crypto-friendly banks has highlighted the need for strong banking partnerships in the crypto industry. Xapo Bank’s move to offer stablecoin services positions the institution as a trustworthy partner committed to serving the needs of the crypto community. Recently Xapo also integrated with … Read more

The Most Googled Questions on FATF Travel Rule Answered

The FATF Travel Rule is a set of virtual asset-related recommendations by the Financial Action Task Force, first published in 2019. The 39-member Financial Action Task Force sets global standards to stop the movement of illicit funds. The threshold amount at which the FATF Travel Rule kicks can vary between jurisdictions, depending on the specific … Read more

Veriscope Regulatory Recap — March 6th to March 12th

Shyft Network Mar 13 · 3 min read Welcome to another edition of Veriscope Regulatory Recap! This week, we have covered the debate on crypto regulations in the US House of Representatives, India enforcing KYC/AML requirements to crypto businesses, and the UK’s FCA Chair calls stringent crypto regulations a must to prevent money laundering risks. … Read more

Hong Kong’s Proposed Asset Regulation Sparks Industry Optimism

Shyft Network Mar 13 · 9 min read In stark contrast to China’s response toward cryptocurrencies, Hong Kong is positioning itself as Asia’s crypto hub through several initiatives and measures. Hong Kong’s most recent crypto-focused measure is a consultation paper on the proposed regulatory requirements for licensed Virtual Asset Trading Platform Operators from the city-state’s … Read more

Vietnamese Community COS.SPACE EXPO

ContentosHome Mar 13 · 6 min read TIENTHUATTOAN EXPO, the first exclusive Vietnamese community exhibition on COS.SPACE, is starting in late March 2023. To ensure a smooth experience for attendees, the event will be divided into several sessions. Please refer to your issued Reality Pass NFT and join your designated session. You can check your … Read more

Bring Your Own Provider (BYOP)

Dr. Sebastian Bürgel Mar 8 · 3 min read RPCh went live in ETH Denver this February at a sold-out event! With a major announcement: BlockWallet becomes the first wallet to officially integrate RPCh. But wallet integrations aren’t the only way for you to use RPCh. You can use RPCh on any wallet across any … Read more

IMF Develops Comprehensive Policy Framework for Crypto Assets

Shyft Network Mar 7 · 4 min read The IMF has released a paper addressing concerns raised by member countries on the risks and benefits of crypto and how to structure appropriate policy responses. The paper sets out a framework of nine elements to help member countries develop a comprehensive, consistent, & coordinated policy response. … Read more