A deep dive into leverages in DeFi Borrowing, Margin Trading, Perpetuals, Leveraged tokens and…

Crypto Michele Jul 25 · 9 min read What is leverage? In finance, leverage is a strategy that relies on using borrowed money to increase the potential return of an investment. In simple terms, an investor or a trader borrows funds to amplify the exposure to a certain type of assets, projects or instruments, more … Read more

WEEKLY RECAP: Staking is a GO, tournaments, crowned champions, and MORE

dotmoovs Just now·2 min read Welcome to our weekly recap, dearest moovers, The world of sports is moving full steam ahead, and the Olympic Games have just started. How excited are you to see that this world that we are so passionate about is finally emerging from this year of paralysis? Well, we haven’t stopped … Read more

Token Swap Service Outage Incident Report

ContentosHome Jul 24 · 2 min read Dear COSers, During the past weeks, our token swap service (https://swapcos.contentos.io) experienced some temporary service outages. We have manually completed the impact fund transfer after the incident was reported. We are sorry for your inconvenience and have improved the service stability to mitigate the potential malfunctions. What happened? … Read more

How sports welcomed the digital revolution. And how dotmoovs is the next step.

dotmoovs Just now·5 min read Hello again, sports fans! You might have noticed that we have started a new series here on the dotmoovs blog. We are sharing some of the hard-earned knowledge we’ve acquired building and running this company. You are our community, you are the lifeblood of this enterprise, and we want to … Read more

A DeFi model for Decentralized Leveraged Tokens by Phoenix Finance

Crypto Michele Jul 22 · 9 min read What are Leveraged Tokens? Leveraged tokens are derivatives giving holders leveraged exposure to cryptocurrency markets, without having to worry about actively managing a leveraged position. They were initially introduced by derivatives exchange FTX, and have since been listed on other centralized exchanges. For example, the ETHBULL/USD, also … Read more

Exeedme and Polkastarter are lending a hand to Gamers Outreach

Exeedme Just now·2 min read Gamers Outreach is a fantastic organization that seeks to provide some much-needed relief and escapism to hospitalised kids using the most powerful entertainment tool in the world: video-games. Gamers Outreach know exactly what’s amazing about gaming: escapism, adventures, broad imagination, worlds of colour and fantasy, the emotional power of a … Read more

Ambassador’s Program. How can you join Figo and Quaresma as our ambassadors?

dotmoovs 1 day ago·2 min read Time to bring the Ambassador’s Program to the table We were long waiting for this moment: bringing YOU to the team! When we launched our MVP, we promised it would bring more than just an opportunity for you to try our technology — it would be the catalyzer of … Read more

HOPR Staking Tutorial

Rik Krieger Jul 20 · 4 min read The HOPR staking program is now live! This tutorial will show you how to stake your xHOPR tokens using the staking interface. Rewards will accumulate after July 27th and can be claimed at any time. IMPORTANT: The HOPR staking contract lives on xDAI chain, and stakes are … Read more

MahaDAO Meme Competition on Discord

Pooja Jul 20 · 2 min read MahaDAO is excited to welcome you all to its first-ever Meme competition, held exclusively on our Discord channel. The most creative MEMES win a reward of $1000 in MAHA tokens 🎁 Post your original memes to our Discord Channel(#meme-competition) from July 21-July 22 to be eligible for rewards … Read more