Step into COS.SPACE Reality

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COS.SPACE will soon get an exciting product update! COS.SPACE Reality is a virtual reality world that will allow COS.SPACE users to not only hover over the COS.SPACE matrix but to also look inside the SPACEs.

COS EXPO 2023 is an exhibition about Contentos and our amazing creators, and will be the first use case demonstration of COS.SPACE Reality. If you received a Reality Pass NFT to attend the EXPO ( or plan to get one, here’s how you can join the EXPO.

2. Make sure your COS.TV account is associated with a Contentos Mainnet account and has been authorized. If you can already publish or like videos on COS.TV, this means you have a Contentos Mainnet account. If not, visit and follow the instructions to complete the process.

3. Check your designated COS EXPO 2023 session on your Reality Pass NFT. You can find this information on OpenSea using your wallet. The following are the designated sessions for the EXPO:

4. During your designated session, visit using Google Chrome on a desktop computer. We used an M1-class MacBook during testing and recommend using a computer with comparable specifications for the best experience.

5. Connect your wallet using MetaMask or WalletConnect. You’ll be admitted into the EXPO virtual exhibition hall after the validation process and once the resources are loaded.

6. Enjoy your time at the COS EXPO 2023!

Please feel free to contact our community managers to send us feedback or email us your thoughts at [email protected] Your suggestions will help us bring our vision for a better content ecosystem closer to Reality!

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