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TIENTHUATTOAN EXPO, the first exclusive Vietnamese community exhibition on COS.SPACE, is starting in late March 2023. To ensure a smooth experience for attendees, the event will be divided into several sessions. Please refer to your issued Reality Pass NFT and join your designated session. You can check your Reality Pass NFT on OpenSea.

About COS.SPACE Reality EXPO

COS.SPACE Reality EXPO is a virtual reality world that allows attendees to enter SPACEs and interact with creators and their creations. During the exhibition, attendees will have the opportunity to receive soulbound token (SBT) rewards, Gifting Vote rewards, $COS rewards, and $USDT rewards!


The Tienthuattoan Vietnamese community has shown strong support for Contentos over the past few years, and the team behind the Tienthuattoan community has a popular blockchain cryptocurrency content channel on COS.TV that produces high quality videos for community members on Twitter and Facebook. To celebrate this community, we have prepared an exclusive exhibition on COS.SPACE Reality. A special exhibition space and interactive games will soon be ready for fans of the community.

How to Register for TIENTHUATTOAN EXPO?

The following are 3 options for participants to register for the EXPO.

Option A: COS.TV follower

  1. Follow Tienthuattoan channel on COS.TV.
  2. Hold more than 100,000 VEST.
  3. Fill in Google form and provide your Ethereum wallet address to receive Reality Pass NFT.

Option B: SPACE NFT & NFT Holders (Metacoser or Goldstar NFT)

  1. Hold SPACE NFT and whitelisted NFTs (Metacoser,Goldstar, other whitelisted NFT project).
  2. Fill in Google form and provide your Ethereum wallet address to receive Reality Pass NFT.

The Google form for Options A & B will be sent by email to COS.TV users that qualify. Users can register after receiving the official email. The official email will be sent by [email protected]. The event is first come, first served, so please check your mail and register as soon as possible.

Warning: To avoid scam emails, please note that the Contentos team never asks users to send passwords, tokens, or private keys. Official emails from the Contentos team regarding this event will be sent by the following address: [email protected] Please disregard any other email you may receive from any other address.

Option C: Other users

  1. Sign up for a COS.TV account and Follow the Tienthuattoan channel
  2. Share this Medium post and Tag 5 people on your Twitter using the hashtag #COSExpoVietnam #TienthuattoanExpo and tag @TTTcapital @RealCOSTV
  3. Follow Contentos Official Twitter @contentosio @RealCOSTV
  4. Follow Fanpage @COS.TV Vietnam
  5. Join Facebook Group @COS.TV Idol ; @COS.TV Blockchain Community; @COS Vietnam No.1
  6. Join Telegram group & subscribe @contentosvietnam
  7. Fill in the following Google form ( and provide your Ethereum wallet address to receive Reality Pass NFT.

Tienthuattoan EXPO Timetable:

Registration Period : March 14th 3:00AM (GMT+0) to March 23rd 3:00AM (GMT+0) (9 days)

A Space Reality Pass NFT, which will be used as an entrance ticket to the EXPO, will be issued to qualifying users’ Ethereum accounts on March 24th, 2023.


If you received a Reality Pass NFT to attend the EXPO ( or plan to get one, here’s how you can join the EXPO.

  1. Connect the Ethereum account holding your Reality Pass NFT to your COS.TV account at
  2. Make sure your COS.TV account is associated with a Contentos Mainnet account and has been authorized. If you can already publish or like videos on COS.TV, this means you have a Contentos Mainnet account. If not, visit and follow the instructions to complete the process.
  3. Check your designated COS EXPO 2023 session on your Reality Pass NFT. You can find this information on OpenSea using your wallet. The following are the designated sessions for the EXPO

Session 1: March 28, 10AM — 4PM (GMT+0)

Session 2: March 29, 10AM — 4PM (GMT+0)

Session 3: March 30, 10AM — 4PM (GMT+0)

4. During your designated session, visit the EXPO link to be shared before the event using Google Chrome on a desktop computer. We used an M1-class MacBook during testing and recommend using a computer with comparable specifications for the best experience

5. Connect your wallet using MetaMask or WalletConnect. You’ll be admitted into the EXPO virtual exhibition hall after the validation process and once the resources are loaded.

Please feel free to contact our community managers to send us feedback or email us your thoughts at [email protected] You can also join our Support EXPO group on telegram: @SupportExpo. Your suggestions will help us bring our vision for a better content ecosystem closer to Reality!


1. 10,000 Gifting Vote Rewards: Review Video #COSExpoTienthuattoan Campaign

Time Period: 3/15–3/22

Create a video promoting Tienthuattoan EXPO on COS.TV and share the video on Facebook and Twitter using Hashtag: #COSExpoTienthuattoan. Share the video to the COS.TV Vietnam group: @COS.TV Idol ; @COS.TV Blockchain Community. The content of the video should include an explanation on how to participate in the event, why users should participate, and a call to action for the audience. The 20 best videos will each get 500 Gifting Votes from Tienthuattoan’s COS.TV Channel.

2. SBT Token Rewards

Watch the Main Video in the EXPO to receive a soulbound token for the event.

About soulbound tokens for creators:

3. Share 100 USDT in Rewards

Predict BTC/ETH/COS price at 4PM on March 28, 29, and 30 (GMT+0). Participants can leave comments on the Exhibition message board.

* Predict BTC price on 3/28, 4PM (GMT+0)

* Predict ETH price on 3/29, 4PM (GMT+0)

* Predict COS price on 3/30, 4PM (GMT+0)

Predict $BTC price: 4 participants with the closest predictions will have the opportunity to receive a reward of 10 USDT each.

Predict $ETH price: 3 participants with the closest predictions will have the opportunity to receive a reward of 10 USDT each.

Predict $COS price: 3 participants with the closest predictions will have the opportunity to receive a reward of 10 USDT each.

4. Share 200 ~ 300 USDT in $COS Rewards: Guess the Right Picture Campaign

Guess the picture with a hidden prize to divide 200 USDT ~ 300 USDT in $COS rewards.

Time Period: 3/28–3/30

Contentos will prepare 3 pictures in the EXPO exhibition area related to the EXPO (Picture A, Picture B, and Picture C), and they will be posted on the Vietnam official Facebook Group community (

All users will have a chance to participate and receive rewards!

To participate:

  1. During the event, choose one of the three pictures and share it on your personal Facebook, tag 3 friends, include hastag: #Tienthuattoanexpo #Tienthuattoancostv #Metaverse #COSspace and include the EXPO Medium post. Set the post on public status.
  2. Leave a comment below the official announcement post and select 1 picture and leave a message. For example, picture A+ COS.TV account UID
  3. Wait until the end of the event and check the official announcement of the results.

Reward distribution:

* If the number of participants is less than 100, the participants will share 200 USDT.

* If the number of participants is equal to or higher than 100, participants will share 300 USDT.

After the end of the EXPO event, users who selected the right picture will share the rewards equally. We will announce the result on March 31, 2023.

Terms and Conditions :

  1. Applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis.
  2. Winners can only receive 1 NFT PASS.
  3. Event rewards will be distributed 1–2 working days after the end of the event.
  4. All minted NFT pass gas fees will be paid by Contentos.
  5. Applications that do not contain correct information will be disqualified without notice.

We look forward to seeing you at TIENTHUATTOAN EXPO!

Contentos reserves the right to modify, terminate, or change the contents of this event at any time. The final interpretation rights for this event belongs to Contentos.*

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