Exeedme Public Roadmap: 2023

Exeedme Dec 29 · 5 min read Looking forward to 2023 Exeedme has been on a wild ride since its launch in December 2020. During these years, we had ups and downs, but we have kept consistency, since victories can only be achieved when we put in the necessary work. Bull markets are the moments … Read more

Looking back at 2022

Exeedme Dec 16 · 5 min read In this article, we will take a closer look at our developments in 2022, examining our performance against a challenging Roadmap and uncertain environment. We will analyze the key factors that have contributed to its success and consider what lessons can be learned from this past year in … Read more

Exeedme is a part of the Hype GVA!

Exeedme Dec 14 · 2 min read Exciting news everyone! The Exeedme team thrilled to announce that we have been selected to participate in the HYPE GVA 3.0 program by HYPE Sports Innovation. HYPE Sports Innovation has built the largest global ecosystem in sports innovation, and since 2015 has been leveraging this platform to grow … Read more

Monthly Recap: November

Exeedme Nov 30 · 3 min read With November gone, comes the promise of family celebration, big family dinners around generous tables and hopefully all the joy you can need to make some wishes for the new year. We know, it already smells like Christmas. Trust us, we feel it too. But just before you … Read more

The XPAD is Here to Stay!

Exeedme Nov 18 · 5 min read Once Upon a Time, a Web3 Game… The Crypto Bird was not just the first Web3 to be launched by Exeedme, it was also the very first Videogame to arise under the XPAD. However, today isn’t about the Crypto Bird, it’s about the latter. The XPAD might have … Read more

Monthly Recap: October

Exeedme Nov 1 · 3 min read And here we are again, another Monthly Recap. October passed by, each day, a little bit of a journey we took together. Almost like all of us, the Exeedme Team and Community were in a car ride, a really big car for all of us, for a really … Read more

Montly Recap: September

Exeedme Oct 1 · 4 min read And after August comes September, and we know it’s the month where most of us say goodbye to vacation time and kickstart our working time. So we might be feeling a little gloomy, the end of Summer is upon us, days are getting shorter and shorter, and soon … Read more