Meet the first app that predicts your mood based on how you type

What if you could improve your daily productivity by knowing your mood hour-by-hour? Little did we know that this simple question would forever change how we think about productivity and mental health. With the launch of TypingDNA Focus BETA, you’re now able to see how your mood changes throughout the day, leverage those insights for better … Read more

TypingDNA Focus charts [explained]

TypingDNA Focus is the first app to predict your mood based on how you type. This AI-based technology is the result of a public research project that began in 2020. And now, with more than 500 participants, over 2 million keystroke events, and over 20 different moods researched, we’re giving you the opportunity to play … Read more

AI facts devs need to know before changing focus to machine learning

The hype around AI is rapidly growing to transform the domain as one of the fastest evolving technology sectors. This infographic highlights several AI facts, every developer should know before changing their focus to machine learning, artificial intelligence, and—while we’re at it—deep learning and neural networks. An ever-growing market In 2018, Gartner predicted that 80% of … Read more