Crypto Bill Introduced in Uruguay’s Parliament: What You Should Know?

Shyft Network Sep 20 · 4 min read The bill aims to clarify the country’s regulatory scenario for crypto assets. It proposes to establish the country’s central bank as the regulatory authority over cryptocurrencies. The proposal needs approval from the Chamber of Deputies and its Senate to be enacted into law. The executive branch of … Read more

President of Panama Rejects to Sign the Crypto Bill, Sends it Back for Further Discussion Over…

Shyft Network Jun 23 · 3 min read Image: Revista Summa The most pressing concern that the President had was the lack of Anti-Money laundering provisions in the Bill. Key Highlights – Panama’s President Laurentino Cortizo vetoed the crypto bill due to a lack of robust anti-money laundering provisions. – President Cortizo previously called the … Read more