How the COVID-19 pandemic challenges the biometrics industry

The current pandemic has impacted billions of people worldwide and caused significant shifts in most industries, from retail to governmental institutions and everything in between. The new reality is different from what things were like just two months ago, and grim forecasts about how long the pandemic will last don’t lend themselves to optimism. Yet, … Read more

Despite BFSI request for SCA delay, deploying keystroke dynamics is the right move amid COVID-19 cyber threats

What is PSD2 SCA? The new Payment Services Directive–PSD2—is designed to improve the current state of the European financial markets. It requires the banking and financial industry (BFSI) to adapt to technological advancements and proposes common standards across the EU.  PSD2 affects EU consumers’ access to banking data and payments in many ways. The provision … Read more

Sophia Learning’s COVID-19 relief campaign offers free ACE-recommended general education online courses, secured with typing biometrics

We are thrilled to be supporting Sophia Learning in their endeavor to offer students free access to ACE-recommended general education courses in these challenging times by providing free-of-charge typing-based authentication. According to UNESCO, over a billion students are affected by current school closures globally, so Typing DNA decided to provide our typing-based authentication API for … Read more

Banks, fintechs deal with increased cyber threats in the COVID-19 era 

As the Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and European Central Bank (ECB) take precautionary measures to limit the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy, banks across the globe are seeing a rapid increase of cybersecurity threats. And, while the economic impacts of COVID-19 are likely to subside, these cyberthreats are here to stay. … Read more

Coronavirus and cybersecurity: Work and learn from home challenges

The escalation of the COVID-19 threat has forced thousands of companies worldwide to implement various measures to limit contamination by ensuring employees avoid contact with one another. The past week has come with the news that more than 1 billion people are in self-isolation. Wherever possible, organizations have instituted rapid measures to avoid the spread … Read more

COVID-19 is disrupting education, so we made our API free to support online learning

[embedded content] The World Health Organization has declared COVID-19 a pandemic, as the virus spreads at an alarming rate across the globe. In turn, governments have been required to take an integrated cross-sectoral approach in preventing and minimizing the impact of the virus. Companies and public institutions are closing their offices, and more and more … Read more