HOPR DAO v0.6 Results and Analysis

thewanderingeditor Feb 15 · 4 min read The Sixth HOPR DAO experiment has now ended. Thanks to everyone who participated on the forum and the almost 300 voters! This was our fastest experiment yet, with just a week between the announcement and the conclusion. We continue to adjust and refine our DAO processes to try … Read more

Shyft DAO Approves Veriscope VASP Grant Proposal to Enable Free FATF Travel Rule Transactions

Shyft Network Aug 10 · 3 min read A total of almost 2.2 million votes were cast by SHFT token holders on the matter; and 100% of the votes cast were in favor of the proposal. The Shyft DAO Business Development Committee submitted a proposal to the Shyft community on August 3, 2022, to grant … Read more