HOPR Basics: Intro to the HOPR DAO

Dr. Sebastian Bürgel Dec 10 · 5 min read Previous editions of HOPR Basics have focused on the technical side of HOPR: how the protocol is built, how it works, and why it works that way. We’ll return to these concepts early next year as the HOPR protocol enters its next phase, but for now … Read more

DAO Experiment v0.2

Rik Krieger Oct 6 · 5 min read It’s time for the second HOPR DAO experiment! Last time the DAO voted on providing liquidity, and we saw one of the highest governance participation rates in the whole of crypto. This time we’re interested in the community’s opinion of how to spend almost $300k controlled by … Read more

HOPR DAO v0.1 Incentive Payout and Analysis

Qianchen YU Jun 11 · 7 min read The first governance experiment for HOPR DAO v0.1 ended a few weeks ago. This is the first in a series of posts analyzing the results and explaining some of the thinking behind the experiment, the lessons learned, and what changes and improvements we’ll be making for future … Read more

HOPR DAO v0.1 — Rules

Dr. Sebastian Bürgel May 7 · 5 min read The first of the HOPR DAO monthly governance experiments is almost ready to begin! We’re just putting the finishing touches to the forum incentives and making sure every HOPR token holder can vote in the final stage, regardless of where their tokens are located (something which … Read more