HOPR DAO Fulfilment

Dr. Sebastian Bürgel Jan 14 · 6 min read The second HOPR DAO experiment ran from October 12th to 21st. The community voted on proposals for how to spend the HOPR tokens and DAI earned by the DAO as fees for providing liquidity. There were a lot of great proposals for how to allocate the … Read more

Read it Now: The Shyft Node Federation Constitution is Public

The Shyft Node Federation, consisting of all validators for the Shyft Network, publicly signed off on voting guidelines and node rights and responsibilities. Shyft Network Just now·3 min read It’s official: CoinShares, Maven11, Fabric, ClicketyClack, Connect Capital, AD Node, Staking Team, Merkle Trading, BlockUnity, Paycase Financial, DeFi Technologies, Mempool Partners, Nodebased, NP IR, among others, … Read more

The second HOPR DAO experiment has begun!

Dr. Sebastian Bürgel Oct 12 · 4 min read The second HOPR DAO experiment has begun! The discussion phase is now live in the HOPR forum. Head over there now to participate in the discussion, make and sign proposals, and earn HOPR Boost NFTs and a share of up to 50,000 HOPR tokens! The discussion … Read more

HOPRd Diablerets Release Tutorial

Amira Bouguera Jun 24 · 9 min read Our latest release, Diablerets, is now available for testing! This tutorial will walk you through how to install and run a node and let you try some basic commands. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us on our Telegram group. Disclaimer: This is an … Read more