Uber of the Skies: What is Aerovek Aviation?

Kevin Lydon Mar 25 · 7 min read From wheels to wings, Aerovek Aviation, known as Aero to its burgeoning community, is transforming every aspect of the aviation industry from a walled-garden controlled by several massive monoliths to a more equitable system that is open to anyone anywhere. Aerovek’s most ambitious goal is to take … Read more

Helios Staking Integrates uTrust & Launches Merchandise Shop Accepting EGLD

Kevin Lydon Jan 18 · 3 min read Helios Staking is excited to announce that we will be offering fast, secure payments for our newly launch merch shop thanks to Elrond’s most recent acquisition of uTrust. Helios Staking has integrated uTrust & launched a merchandise shop that accepts EGLD with branded Helios Staking items like … Read more

The Newest Corner of the Metaverse: Audi-Backed XR Passenger Experiences by holoride

Kevin Lydon Dec 27 · 6 min read Mario Kart meets Pikmin meets The Sims in this interactive, user-created world that transforms any car passenger’s ordinary commute into an adventure– holoride is a corner of the metaverse for people on the open road. With real-time data synchronization and location-based accuracy, this XR-powered world has been … Read more

Staking, Utility and Elrond NFTs

Kevin Lydon Dec 10 · 8 min read From multi-million-dollar JPEGs that grant entry into yacht parties with ultra-high net worth degens, to Secret Santa smart contracts created in the dev underground, the use cases for NFTs continue to shake the planet. Art, business, and other Web 3.0 examples of the technology are just starting … Read more

How Elrond Solves Blockchain’s Classic Trilemma

Kevin Lydon Sep 23 · 6 min read One of the most pervasive issues with decentralized networks is what is today known as the scalability trilemma. The modern version of this trilemma evolved from the 1980s CAP Theorem, which stated that decentralized data stores (which blockchains are an iteration of) must sacrifice one of the … Read more

Attractive Returns & Open Access: Blockchain Offers Access to What Was Once Only Available to the…

Kevin Lydon Sep 9 · 9 min read In the midst of a rapidly changing global economy, blockchain opens access to more financial markets with attractive staking returns that match 1980s-level savings account interest rates. (Figure A Source: The Burning Platform) Previous generations had access to high-yield savings accounts, however, a far less percentage of … Read more

The Relationship Between Price & Social Media Mentions in Cryptocurrency

Kevin Lydon Aug 10 · 5 min read One of the most significant correlations in cryptocurrency has to do with a token’s price and social media mentions within a given time period. This has been studied both scientifically in research settings (Herff and Steinert, 2018 and Garcia and Schweitzer, 2015) as well as by scientists … Read more

5 Issues with Staking in 2021 and How Elrond Solves Them

Kevin Lydon Jul 13 · 8 min read While some traders and those new to the market see value in actively day-trading crypto, staking has emerged as a popular investment alternative for those seeking passive income from simply HODL’ing. However, despite all of its benefits, the modern crypto staking landscape has its flaws. This article … Read more

Founders That Stake (Part V): MGStaking’s Marius Grigoras

Kevin Lydon Jun 24 · 8 min read Welcome to the fifth instalment of Founders That Stake, a regular series of narratives that explore the origins of the staking industry and the people that built it. This particular instalment of the series features an interview with Marius Grigoras of MGStaking. MGStaking staking operates a staking … Read more

Founders That Stake (Part IV): Istari Vision’s Wolfgang Rückerl

Kevin Lydon Jun 17 · 7 min read Welcome to the fourth part of Founders that Stake, a recurring series through which Helios Staking explores the narratives behind the founders of companies who have laid the foundation of the staking industry. This week’s guest is Wolfgang Rückerl , founder of staking company Istari Vision, an … Read more