The Most Googled Questions on FATF Travel Rule Answered

The FATF Travel Rule is a set of virtual asset-related recommendations by the Financial Action Task Force, first published in 2019. The 39-member Financial Action Task Force sets global standards to stop the movement of illicit funds. The threshold amount at which the FATF Travel Rule kicks can vary between jurisdictions, depending on the specific … Read more

Together We Can See the Light: Inside Veriscope’s Solution to the Crypto Sunrise Issue

Shyft Network Apr 11 · 6 min read Following the launch of Veriscope on the Shyft Network blockchain and integration from the world’s leading crypto exchanges, we break down how Veriscope’s solution to the “Sunrise Issue” solves one of the biggest regulatory challenges facing the industry and regulators alike. Imagine for a moment: you head … Read more

Shyft Network Core Team Open Sources Veriscope, Makes Travel Rule Compliance Open, Free, and…

Following the FATF’s latest regulatory guidance, we’re making our decentralized compliance framework including dashboards, admin tooling, and Shyft Attestation architecture completely free and available for anyone to use. Shyft Network Just now·5 min read In August, Shyft Network announced Veriscope, the first public utility and application stack for solving the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) … Read more

Global Crypto Exchanges Begin Phased Deployment of Veriscope: The Decentralized Solution to the…

Shyft Network Just now·4 min read Bridgetown, Barbados, August 17, 2021 — Today, Shyft Core, in collaboration with Binance, Deribit, Bitfinex, BitMEX, Tether, Huobi and other collaborating Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs), announced the launch of Veriscope, a decentralized compliance framework and smart-contract platform for VASPs to enable travel rule compliance. Participating exchanges are collectively … Read more