010 The Resistance [HOPR Hunt Puzzle #8 — SOLVED!]

HOPR Team Apr 6 · 4 min read The day’s toil completed, Kanza returned to her habitation pod. Despite her efficient route planning, she had already missed maghrib, the sunset prayer. The absence formed a knot in her stomach, even though she knew it wasn’t her fault. Even before the biometric hatch slid open, she … Read more

001 Daily Toil [HOPR Hunt Puzzle #4 — SOLVED!]

HOPR Team Apr 6 · 4 min read Kanza looked up, towards Mecca. The erratic orbit of Settlement U-2649 made it hard to chart the qibla for daily salat, but she’d managed to hack together a module which projected a translucent overlay over the bare steel walls of her habitation pod. It was thoroughly illegal, … Read more

3. [REDACTED] [HOPR Hunt Puzzle #13]

HOPR Team Apr 5 · 1 min read ⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢>> THE CONTENTS OF THIS PUZZLE HAVE BEEN REDACTED BY THE GUARDIANS OF PRIVACY >> WHEN YOU KNOW WHERE WE ARE, ALL WILL BE REVEALED ⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢

2. Paris [HOPR Hunt Puzzle #7]

HOPR Team Apr 5 · 3 min read ⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢ Disgraced symbologist Gordon Blanter trudged through the Louvre, barely able to focus on the centuries of cultural marvels displayed before him. Where had it all gone wrong? Yes, in some ways you could say it was his fault that the elite FBI counterterrorism unit had been … Read more

1. Harvard [HOPR Hunt Puzzle #3 — Solved!]

HOPR Team Apr 5 · 4 min read ⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢⬡⬢Renowned Symbologist Gordon Blanter was walking back to his office from his morning swim, enjoying the crisp October air. The campus was always quiet at this time of the morning. Blanter used this time to think over his research. He was so lost in his train of … Read more

III. Thirteen at Dinner [HOPR Hunt Puzzle #10 — SOLVED!]

HOPR Team Apr 2 · 7 min read We docked at Southampton on 18th December. I didn’t know if the “R K” they planned to arrest was me or not, or even who “they” were, but I wasn’t taking any chances. I hid in a lifeboat until the rest of the passengers had disembarked, then … Read more