Announcing the Launch of Veriscope 2.0 — A State Machine with An Enhanced VASP Experience

Shyft Network Jul 6 · 3 min read VASPs now have better and more flexible control over their p2p communications We are very excited to announce the launch of the Veriscope State Machine. This major update enables counterparties, i.e., Originator VASPs and Beneficiary VASPs, to have better control over their peer-to-peer communications. The update also … Read more

Shyft Network: End-of-Year Recap!

Look back at our year of product launches, partnership announcements, educational blogs & more as we kick off a new year for our platform and community Shyft Network Just now·5 min read What a year, Shyftoshis! We’ve come a long way since the official launch of the Shyft Network Mainnet in July of 2021. It’s … Read more

The Shyft Federation deploys the Shyft Bridge

The Shyft Bridge is a secure and efficient cross-blockchain asset transfer mechanism Shyft Network Just now·2 min read Bridgetown, Barbados — The Shyft Node Federation, the collective of Shyft Network validator nodes, in collaboration with Chainsafe, is excited to announce the deployment of the Shyft Network Bridge on the Shyft Mainnet, a critical piece of … Read more

New Staking Opportunity and Mainnet Launch Preparation

Beniamin Mincu Jun 29, 2020 · 7 min read 4th of July — mainnet date will be announced & Genesis Staking 2.0 begins Elrond supply shifts to Bitcoin model: fixed max supply, reached in < 10 Years New staking cap increased by 1,672,500,000 ERD Competitive APR stays the same: 25% before mainnet, 29% Delegator, … Read more