Leverages with No Liquidation — A Comparison of DeFi Leveraged Tokens

A Brief of 3 Models of Decentralized Leveraged Tokens: Set Protocol, Tracer and Phoenix Ryan Tian Nov 3 · 8 min read A preview: Leveraged tokens are derivatives giving holders stable leveraged exposure to crypto-assets. Token holders do not need to worry about actively managing a leveraged position, borrowing, or being liquidated. Since this model, … Read more

Welcome to Phoenix Finance Decentralized Leveraged Token Trading Competition.

Crypto Michele Oct 18 · 2 min read Phoenix Finance is organizing the first Decentralized Leveraged Tokens Competition from Oct 21 to Nov 4. This will be a chance for talented traders to win tens of thousand PHX in prizes and show off their abilities! The results will be calculated by using on-chain addresses and … Read more

Here come the $CAKE and $QUICK Leveraged Tokens

Crypto Michele Sep 9 · 1 min read Dear Community, As our line of products grows the Phoenix Finance team is excited to share two important news. First, As of September 9, 2021, we are launching two new Decentralized Leveraged Bull Tokens based on: $CAKE (PancakeSwap’s native token) on the Binance Smart Chain $QUICK (QuickSwap’s … Read more

A DeFi model for Decentralized Leveraged Tokens by Phoenix Finance

Crypto Michele Jul 22 · 9 min read What are Leveraged Tokens? Leveraged tokens are derivatives giving holders leveraged exposure to cryptocurrency markets, without having to worry about actively managing a leveraged position. They were initially introduced by derivatives exchange FTX, and have since been listed on other centralized exchanges. For example, the ETHBULL/USD, also … Read more