DSLA Metaverse Phase II

Learn-to-Earn Progression System 🛡️ Grab your Astromancer! Phase II of the DSLA Metaverse includes the finalization and minting of the collectibles that will enable Astromancer avatars to progress through the learn-to-earn aspect of DSLA’s metaverse. Let’s look at how the Skills, Familiars and Biomes that make up the DSLA Metaverse work together. Skills Collectibles 🪙 … Read more

Introducing NFT Floor Price Protection 🖼️

Game Changing Protection for NFTs ☂️ NFTs exploded into the mainstream consciousness in 2021 and the market continues to rapidly evolve and grow today. As one of the newer elements in the Web3 space though, NFTs lack some of the robust ecosystem tools that have been growing alongside the standard Web3 token economy for the … Read more

DSLA in 2023

DSLA Protocol v2.0 was introduced in Q4 2022, roughly 18 months after DSLA Protocol v1.0—our original proof of concept for a blockchain-based Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) solution. This release is the latest snapshot of a continuous feedback loop between the stakeholders that extract value from Service Level Agreements (SLA), and the stakeholders that contribute to … Read more

DSLA Parametric Staking

The Problem with Staking 📉 One of the biggest risks users face when staking crypto is the volatility and price movement of the asset they are staking. Stakers run the risk of having their tokens locked during upside moves in the token price. As a result they are often compelled to dump their returns to … Read more

DSLA Protocol announces DSLA Chain, its own blockchain network

From V1 to L1 The DSLA core team is proud to announce the development of our own blockchain network, DSLA Chain, powered by Avalanche’s subnet technology. DSLA Chain will host a comprehensive suite of Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) products, in an effort to achieve consumer protection beyond DSLA Protocol. ✨ DSLA Protocol remains our flagship … Read more

DSLA’s Decentralized Governance Toolkit

Everywhere DSLA v2 is Deployed ✅ Decentralized governance is active for all DSLA v2 deployments! We’ve been working with the team at Gnosis Guild to be among the first projects poineering on-chain governance on multiple chains simultaneously using Gnosis Safe, Zodiac and Snapshot. Decentralized governance over DSLA Protocol parameters on Ethereum Mainnet was rolled out … Read more

Migration to a New Parametric Staking pool

APR Boost in Period 0 Staking rewards for Period 0 of the Parametric Staking experience were higher than expected, almost 10% for the month. That’s about 120% APR, which is conceivable with Parametric Staking, but the upside price performance of the DSLA token in November didn’t justify such reward level. What Happened? In short, reward … Read more

How Can We Restore Confidence

Confidence and Trust Have Been Broken 🚨 2022 has been a difficult year for the cryptocurrency space, to say the least. With major, high-profile implosions that have rocked the industry as a whole and resulted in life-changing losses for many. Confidence and trust are at an all-time low and recovering will be a long road. … Read more

Introducing the DSLA Astromancers

The DSLA Astromancers is collection of 10,000 Astromancer Avatar collectibles which act as your key to the DSLA Metaverse experience. Astromancer NFTs will grant users access to summoning and staking in the DSLA Metaverse, as well as governance participation with DSLA’s novel new credential-based governance model. The Astromancers will also provide other utility and benefits … Read more

DSLA v2.0

GRC Automation Middleware DSLA enables stakeholders on different sides of a service or event to trade risk using Decentralized Service Level Agreements (SLA), and with the roll out of DSLA v2.0 SLA stakeholders have more flexibility, control and a better overall experience than ever before. We’re excited to cover the improvements and changes in v2.0 … Read more