Fit the Fourth [HOPR Hunt Puzzle #11]

HOPR Team Apr 1 · 2 min read A boat beneath a sunny sky,Plunging onward dreamilyLost in evening in July — Undulating down the stream — Lingering in the golden gleam — Life, what is it but a dream? How has paled that sunny sky?Echoes fade and memories die:Raging frosts have slain July. Know she … Read more

Fit the Third [HOPR Hunt Puzzle #9]

HOPR Team Mar 31 · 4 min read A LIONESS and UNICORN,Were fighting for the crown.Some gave them MMLV DAEK,And drummed them out of town. Together, they used MDSL OHJT IDHE,Until the gold was found. Ft5th: St 1, L1–4 ♧♤♤♦♦♣♧♢♥♥♤♡♦♦♧♣ You emerge from a stone tower into an oddly geometric garden. A square of perfectly … Read more

Fit the Second [HOPR Hunt Puzzle #6]

HOPR Team Mar 31 · 4 min read “The time has come,” the Walrus said,“To talk of many things:Of shoes — and ships — and sealing-wax — Of sixty-four length strings.” Ft3rd: St1, L1–4 ♠♡♢♢♣♥♤♥♧♧♣♥♡♠♠♦ You’re not sure how much time has passed. Looking around, the spire of the observatory is no longer visible. In … Read more

Fit the First [HOPR Hunt Puzzle #1 — SOLVED]

HOPR Team Mar 31 · 4 min read “They roused him with muffins — they roused him with ice — They roused him with mustard and cress — They roused him with jam and judicious advice — They set him conundrums to guess.” Ft1st, St1, L1–4 ♣♦♥♠♣♦♥♠♣♦♥♠♣♦♥♠♣♦♥♠♣♦♥♠♣♦♥♠♣♦♥♠ It’s a beautiful day by the riverbank. You … Read more