Vietnamese Community COS.SPACE EXPO

ContentosHome Mar 13 · 6 min read TIENTHUATTOAN EXPO, the first exclusive Vietnamese community exhibition on COS.SPACE, is starting in late March 2023. To ensure a smooth experience for attendees, the event will be divided into several sessions. Please refer to your issued Reality Pass NFT and join your designated session. You can check your … Read more

Contentos & Carrieverse to Collaborate on Global Marketing

ContentosHome Feb 22 · 2 min read We are excited to announce that Contentos is collaborating with metaverse project Carrieverse on global marketing efforts. Carrieverse is a social metaverse platform that focuses on content and is designed to reflect the real world. It features various Web3 games, educational content, social features, and commerce options. The … Read more

Step into COS.SPACE Reality

ContentosHome Dec 27 · 2 min read COS.SPACE will soon get an exciting product update! COS.SPACE Reality is a virtual reality world that will allow COS.SPACE users to not only hover over the COS.SPACE matrix but to also look inside the SPACEs. COS EXPO 2023 is an exhibition about Contentos and our amazing creators, and … Read more

How NFT Profile Pictures (PFP) and Soulbound Tokens (SBT) Can Transform the Creators’ Economy

Mick Tsai Oct 3 · 6 min read “Monetization” is the biggest challenge for content creators. Maintaining enthusiasm to create and to produce high quality content to satisfy fans while making a living and continuing to create content is a practical and difficult problem for all creators. The most well known monetization method for the … Read more

Contentos Mainnet 3rd Anniversary Celebration

ContentosHome Sep 29 · 2 min read COSers! The Contentos mainnet is celebrating its 3rd anniversary! According to the planned schedule for mainnet rewards, this means ecosystem rewards for creators and audience will increase by 33% and BP voting rewards will increase by 14.3%. In order to celebrate with our community and give back to … Read more

COS.SPACE Whitelisting Guide (3rd Round)

ContentosHome Sep 5 · 3 min read Dear COSers, The 3rd Round of COS.SPACE whitelisting is launching tomorrow! We would like to give Whitelist privileges to COS Hodlers to reward your contribution to the Contentos Ecosystem. Join Contentos BP Voting now to receive both BP Voting rewards and a chance to participate in the COS.SPACE … Read more

60,000,000 VEST Loans Bidding — Special Meta COSer Club NFT Giveaway!

ContentosHome Aug 31 · 3 min read Dear COSers, September VEST Loans Bidding is here! For this event, the Contentos team will provide up to 60,000,000 VEST in loan rewards. We will also have a Special Giveaway of 10 Meta COSer Club NFTs for our VEST loan users! In September, Contentos will be participating in … Read more

Binance Connect COS.SPACE Mining Event

ContentosHome Aug 19 · 2 min read Dear COSers, In celebration of our partnership with Binance Connect, Contentos will hold a special COS.SPACE Mining event with a total of 3,000,000 COS in mining rewards! Through our partnership with Binance Connect, users can easily buy COS tokens on COS.TV with their credit cards! For those who … Read more

60,000,000 VEST Loans Bidding — Bonus for COS.SPACE and Meta COSer Club NFT Hodlers!

ContentosHome Jul 18 · 3 min read Dear COSers, We are excited to launch our new VEST Loans Bidding event! For this event, the Contentos team will provide up to 60,000,000 VEST in loan rewards to global community members that participate in the Contentos Metaverse ecosystem. Users that hold COS.SPACE NFTs and Meta COSer Club … Read more

COS.SPACE Round 2 Evangelists Whitelist (50 SPACE NFTs)

ContentosHome Jul 8 · 2 min read COSers! Get a chance to get whitelisted for COS.SPACE Round 2 by participating in our COS Evangelists campaign. We will be giving out 50 whitelists! COS.SPACE is the NFT real estate in the Contentos ecosystem, and will also be a hub connected to other Web 3.0 content platforms. … Read more