Who’s got the MOOVs? — The GameFi side of dotmoovs

dotmoovs Oct 14 · 2 min read The concept In traditional video games, wins are rewarded with ranking points, credits, or in-game currencies. These give players a sense of victory while mentally stimulating them to keep playing to achieve that “big triumph feeling”. However, these rewards have no use or value outside the game. The … Read more

Move-to-Earn. How dotmoovs has become one of its founders

dotmoovs Apr 11 · 2 min read A rather simple concept. The more time one spends moving around; the more one can earn M(o)oving-to-Earn Not long ago, Move-to-Earn (or simply Move2Earn) was an unfamiliar concept. Now, thanks to companies in the crypto space, it has become trendy and seen with great excitement by the communities. … Read more