Node and Staking Season Analytics

Dr. Sebastian Bürgel Jan 30 · 4 min read Staking Season 6 has begun, and at time of writing over 45m HOPR have already been staked. We’ve already shown off our improved staking website and UI, but since node running is a major part of the rewards for this season, we’d like to take this … Read more

DSLA brings DeFi risk management to Fantom

DSLA Protocol for Fantom DSLA Protocol, our turnkey, peer-to-peer risk management infrastructure for developers and their communities, has been deployed to the Fantom blockchain network earlier this month. The protocol will enable Fantom users to regain control of their exposure to DeFi risks, by trading on the future performance of Fantom services using Performance Risk … Read more

The Shyft Network Token Distribution and Economics, Part 2

Providing further clarity on circulating supply during the first month, and supply schedules. Shyft Network Mar 30·4 min read From the Shyft Network Team: Hi everyone, as we begin to distribute and hand over the core protocol to the ecosystem and community, we wanted to quickly put out a high-level breakdown to provide more context, … Read more

Shyft Network — Token Distribution and Economics

Shyft Network Mar 24·9 min read Barbados, March 24, 2021 — The Shyft Network core team is proud to announce the details of its SHFT token economics and distribution schedules within the Shyft Network protocol. The Shyft Network is a blockchain-based solution for centralized and decentralized technologies, like decentralized finance (DeFi). It’s a technology layer … Read more

Announcing DSLA Maxima “Harmony Edition”

DSLA Protocol for Harmony DSLA Protocol enables anyone to manage their exposure to third-party risk using Decentralized Service Level Agreements, peer-to-peer outsourcing contracts that can store and release cryptocurrency according to third-party service analytics. Read more… Dear community, in an effort to bring our nascent developer community access to more technology ecosystems, and to empower … Read more

DSLA evolves beyond the ERC20 Ethereum standard

Cross-chain DSLA transfers are coming Dear community, in our effort to expand DSLA Protocol to other blockchain networks through the DSLA Maxima initiative, and after our successful experiment with the Polygon network, we are proud to announce that the DSLA token is currently being integrated to multiple other blockchain ecosystems, and will soon exist in … Read more

Announcing DSLA Maxima “Tezos Edition”

DSLA Protocol for Tezos DSLA Protocol enables anyone to add a service level agreement on top of any third-party service, to reduce customers exposure to infrastructure risks and incentivise the connectivity, performance and availability of services, networks and applications over time. To bring our developer community access to more technologies, we are proud to announce … Read more