Take on this week’s challenge: battle up!

dotmoovs · Follow Feb 22 · 2 min read Who has the most challenges? One week of battles and a prize pool of $200 worth of MOOVs to share among the winners Battle up! Who will complete the highest number of challenges? Enter the competition and practise your skills. Find your opponent, play and win! … Read more

Exeedme Partners with Moralis for 2022 Gaming Hackathon

Exeedme Just now·3 min read We are excited to present Moralis, our brand-new key-partner for the Exeedme Gaming Hackathon! Moralis — Official Partner to the 2022 Gaming Hackathon It is our great pleasure to present Moralis as the latest official partner to the 2022 Gaming Hackathon. The Gaming Hackathon will see developers compete for a … Read more

THREE ANNOUNCEMENTS: A Gaming Incubator, a Hackaton, and a Launchpad

Exeedme Just now·5 min read Can you imagine keeping all of this under wraps? Three announcements in one go, just for you, our Exeedme family. And here’s what ties it all together: let’s speak about Exeedme’s Gaming Incubator. The Gaming Incubator: Nurturing the future of gaming We are gamers. We were gamers before Exeedme even … Read more

A long-waited listing, some unclaimed accesses & a celebration. It’s a #Weekly Recap

dotmoovs Just now·2 min read The waiting is over, the Listing is here We know, it sure looked like it was never going to arrive. After this surprise announcement, we had to wait 5 long weeks to see it coming: the official date is Wednesday, September 29th. Bitglobal is a worldwide trading platform for digital … Read more

dotmoovs leverages Exeedme technology to bring Play2Earn to Sports

Exeedme Just now·3 min read A new partnership is born to bring play2earn to physical sports. We are super excited to announce Dotmoovs is leveraging our technology for Play2Earn, token staking, NFTs, and governance features, integrating them into their Sports ecosystem. With access to our open source libraries and also some proprietary codebase Dotmoovs will … Read more

Play2Earn… How dotmoovs is powering a paradigm shift

dotmoovs 3 days ago·3 min read We’ve all heard about Freemium or Free2Play… In fact, that has been the dominant business model in the gaming industry. Now, it’s time for Play2Earn to take the stage. Free2Play (F2P) video games are games that give players access to a significant portion of their content without paying. Instead … Read more

How crypto and gaming came together

Exeedme Just now·4 min read We operate in two worlds. In the middle of two industries that most see as separate. Yet they aren’t. Gaming and crypto were meant to be together. These are two industries built for and by their communities, with scenes populated by some great companies that favor transparency, sharing, and openness. … Read more