Phoenix to Shift Incentives from BSC to Polygon

Crypto Michele Sep 23 · 1 min read Dear Community, As part of our long-term development, the Phoenix team is pleased to announce that starting on Saturday, September 25, we will shift part of our incentives from BSC to Polygon. To be more specific, with both the Apeswap and Quickswap pools online, we are planning … Read more

QuickSwap Lists PHX and launches a PHX/MATIC Pool

Crypto Michele Sep 15 · 1 min read Dear Phoenixians, A month after our landing on Polygon, we are excited to share with you that we are growing our presence on the network by partnering with none other than QuickSwap. With their support, on September 15, we are getting our token, the PHX, listed on … Read more

HOPR Wildhorn incentivized testnet launches on Polygon

Dr. Sebastian Bürgel Aug 24 · 4 min read Many in the HOPR community will remember Säntis, the very first HOPR testnet which ran on Polygon (then Matic) in late 2020. Now HOPR is excited to be returning to Polygon for the first of the advanced testnets linked to the HOPR staking program. This incentivized … Read more

How to get your vePHX on Polygon

Crypto Michele Aug 10 · 2 min read These instructions are for users who locked PHX on Ethereum, who will receive an equal amount of vePHX on Polygon. (Please notice that vePHX airdrops on BSC and Wanchain will be carried out once we launch on each chain respectively. Whereas more details can be found here, … Read more

Phoenix Finance Launches on Polygon

Crypto Michele Aug 9 · 2 min read We are excited to share with our users and investors key information about Phoenix Finance’s launch on Polygon, scheduled at 12:00 UTC on August 9. A brand-new website will be fully functional. You can visit it at Our DApp flatform can be found at When … Read more

Polygon, First Sports AI NFT in the World and other news on our #WeeklyRecap

dotmoovs Just now·3 min read Starting the week with some Olympics on our mind How is your country doing in the Olympics? We all know that the Olympic success is down to three factors: “population size, economic might and past performance”. But what would happen if the Olympic medals were re-ranked based on other factors? … Read more

Building the Sports (Mining) Experience.

dotmoovs Just now·4 min read Gamifying Sports with an exciting approach Some time ago we were announcing how Polygon was helping dotmoovs to scale. In fact, we’ve explained very thoroughly how Polygon combines the best of Ethereum scaling ensuring low fees and fast transactions. We wrote back then that by exploring Polygon’s platform, dotmoovs would … Read more

A Call to Phoenixians — Time to Choose Where to Deploy

Crypto Michele Jul 1 · 2 min read Phoenix Finance is ready to deploy on the blockchain, a move that will effectively mark the start of our business operations, enabling our protocols to start functioning and providing our users and investors with the possibility to access our services. It will also pave the way for … Read more