Adaptive Privacy

Dr. Sebastian Bürgel Mar 20 · 3 min read With the release of RPCh, the first commercial service developed on HOPR, it is a great time to discuss the concept of adaptive privacy. But first, we’ll need to go over a constraint inherent to all anonymous communication (AC) protocols — the anonymity trilemma. What is … Read more

Bring Your Own Provider (BYOP)

Dr. Sebastian Bürgel Mar 8 · 3 min read RPCh went live in ETH Denver this February at a sold-out event! With a major announcement: BlockWallet becomes the first wallet to officially integrate RPCh. But wallet integrations aren’t the only way for you to use RPCh. You can use RPCh on any wallet across any … Read more

Between Freedom and Security: Preserving Privacy in the Crypto Economy

Shyft Network Mar 1 · 8 min read A more than trillion-dollar crypto market has grown significantly over the past few years in the range of products and services it offers. However, usability and privacy challenges persist, with crypto hacks nearly touching the mark of US$4 billion in 2022. Regulatory compliance is prescribed as a … Read more

HOPR Co-Founds Leading Privacy Alliance of Web3

Rik Krieger Oct 9 · 2 min read The Leading Privacy Alliance (LPA) was officially launched in Bogotá, Colombia ahead of Devcon. LPA members will work together to promote privacy and build cross-stack technology which puts privacy first in web3. This is the only way to protect users and help web3 technology reach its true … Read more

How HOPR Got People to Care About Privacy and Invest

Dr. Sebastian Bürgel Aug 8 · 5 min read HOPR is a little over two years’ old, and over that time we’ve used many different narratives to draw people’s attention to the huge privacy issues which plague Web 2.0 and web3. Although everyone we engage with agrees with our mission to change privacy for good, … Read more

Proof-of-Stake Validator Sniping Research

Dr. Sebastian Bürgel Aug 4 · 12 min read The Merge is fast approaching. In a few months, the Ethereum chain will switch from proof of work (PoW) to proof of stake (PoS). This is an exciting development, but we need to highlight an important privacy issue with the post-Merge chain. The HOPR team has … Read more

Announcing HOPR’s Coinbase Earn Campaign

Rik Krieger Aug 3 · 2 min read Our recent Coinbase listing made HOPR accessible to a whole new part of the ecosystem. One of our main goals at HOPR is to bring crypto and data privacy knowledge to everyone, regardless of their level of technical understanding, and being listed on one of the world’s … Read more