QuickSwap Launches PHX Syrup Pool

Crypto Michele Sep 28 · 1 min read Phoenix Finance is delighted to announce that our partnership with QuickSwap, the most active dex on Polygon, is growing stronger than ever. On September 28, our partner will launch a Syrup Pool, branded by QuickSwap as the “sweetest thing” on their platform. This pool will enable holders … Read more

QuickSwap Lists PHX and launches a PHX/MATIC Pool

Crypto Michele Sep 15 · 1 min read Dear Phoenixians, A month after our landing on Polygon, we are excited to share with you that we are growing our presence on the network by partnering with none other than QuickSwap. With their support, on September 15, we are getting our token, the PHX, listed on … Read more

Here come the $CAKE and $QUICK Leveraged Tokens

Crypto Michele Sep 9 · 1 min read Dear Community, As our line of products grows the Phoenix Finance team is excited to share two important news. First, As of September 9, 2021, we are launching two new Decentralized Leveraged Bull Tokens based on: $CAKE (PancakeSwap’s native token) on the Binance Smart Chain $QUICK (QuickSwap’s … Read more