The (not so boring) computer science behind your dance moves

dotmoovs Jun 21 · 2 min read FYI: There are no math formulas in this article. The dotmoovs mobile app allows you to put your dance skills to the test using a smartphone camera. But how are your dance moves rated? The starting point First, professional dancers are recorded doing a set of choreographies. Then, … Read more

How to play on dotmoovs? It’s easy as ABC

dotmoovs Jun 17 · 3 min read Grab your phone, choose your gear and start moving! Playing with Sports Gears aka NFTs Getting familiar with a new app is not always easy. At dotmoovs, we are constantly trying to improve our usability, but playing couldn’t be easier! Download and make your registration. That’s the hardest … Read more

Move-to-Earn. How dotmoovs has become one of its founders

dotmoovs Apr 11 · 2 min read A rather simple concept. The more time one spends moving around; the more one can earn M(o)oving-to-Earn Not long ago, Move-to-Earn (or simply Move2Earn) was an unfamiliar concept. Now, thanks to companies in the crypto space, it has become trendy and seen with great excitement by the communities. … Read more

CEO & COO of dotmoovs announce “Dance” release date

dotmoovs Mar 28 · 2 min read The video transcription This Monday, Pedro [PRL] and Salome [SPA] addressed the Dance release date on the app. Being this an important moment, both managers didn’t want to simply release the information without personally explaining and giving the importance it deserves. So, on a 2 minutes video note, … Read more

Weekly Challenges. Are you ready for some action?

dotmoovs Mar 24 · 2 min read Mimic, beat the challenge, the score or the sequence Launching a new set of challenges Challenges and fun is what moves us! The Weekly Challenge is a new feature available at dotmoovs mobile app that allows users to autonomously play a set of different challenges to improve their … Read more

NFTs have been upgraded. Take these small steps to update yours!

dotmoovs Mar 18 · 2 min read A quick guide on how to get the latest NFTs. One small step for you, one giant leap for the future First things first You might have noticed that your NFTs weren’t being shown in-app. The reason was because we were updating our system in order to accommodate … Read more

Camera, colours, sound… What happened for the past few weeks?

dotmoovs Mar 16 · 2 min read Looks (and feels) like something is different? It probably is. Sound, camera and… Action! Some nice features have been introduced throughout the past weeks. We haven’t made a big fuss about it, but the truth is… They’re noticeable. Now, users can use both cameras (back and front) to … Read more

Our app has changed (a lot). A quick recap on the latest improvements

dotmoovs · Follow Feb 24 · 3 min read Feed, chat, payments, AI, and more! It’s raining updates The month of February has been full of updates. Some visible, some not. We started off with a New AI update, where a high precision on touch and body parts detection was delivered, impacting all games but … Read more