Veriscope Regulatory Recap — July 4th to July 10th

Shyft Network Jul 12 · 4 min read Stablecoins, Global Crypto Regulation and Demands for Stricter Frameworks in this Week’s Recap Welcome to another edition of Veriscope’s Weekly Regulatory Recap. The crypto prices were comparatively stable last week. Yet, there was no stopping the regulatory blitzkrieg from taking shape as calls for strict regulations continued … Read more

UK Stablecoin Regulations Only Weeks Away From Taking Shape

Shyft Network Jul 11 · 3 min read Photo courtesy: Jernej Furman via Flickr (Source here) Stablecoin regulations are expected to be introduced as early as August. Key Takeaways: – The UK government will likely introduce legislation to create a stablecoin regulatory framework in August. – The Bank of England (BoE), the Payment Systems Regulator … Read more

A Random Walk Along Blockchain Avenue

ARPA Official Mar 18 · 7 min read Section 1: Inception & Fundamentals As you must have noticed, Bitcoin, crypto, and blockchain have been the most trending topics and the ultimate buzzwords for the past few years. If you are wondering why blockchain and crypto are getting the spotlight, you have to understand the behind-the-scenes … Read more

ARTH Wallet Alpha Results

Gafoor Khan · Follow Feb 16 · 2 min read After conducting a successful round of Alpha testing for ARTH wallet on the Rinkeby testnet, it is time to announce the results & winners. Overwhelming responses in the form of feedback were received from the MAHA community with more than 200+feedback responses via the app. … Read more

MahaDAO Roadmap for 2021–2022

Steven Enamakel Jul 7 · 5 min read Six months ago, the MahaDAO team had shared a roadmap with the community, during the pre-IDO period. A lot has been achieved since MahaDAO’s historic IDO on 17 December 2020 in terms of project maturity, clarity & crystallization of vision, increasing governance, and power of our decentralized … Read more

MahaDAO Community Catchup #8 — June 2021

Steven Enamakel Jul 5 · 5 min read Hello MahaDAO Community. June, fair to say, has been one of the most incredible and jam-packed months for the MahaDAO team. We saw a highly engaged community over this month, a lot of new faces joining the MahaDAO ecosystem, and many people helping each other. A lot … Read more

ARTH 2.0 Beta Testing Results and Rewards

Gafoor Khan Jun 8 · 2 min read MahaDAO conducted a successful Beta testing round ahead of the ARTH 2.0 launch! We received a very positive and overwhelming response from our amazing testers. We’re extremely proud to finally share the results of the ARTH 2.0 Beta Testing Round. Summary This time around, we received only … Read more

MahaDAO Community Catchup #7—May 2021

Gafoor Khan Jun 2 · 3 min read Welcoming you to the 7th edition of the community catchup article! There were some major, exciting updates in the month of May for the MahaDAO community. More inside ▶️ TLDR; (in order of importance) Kucoin listing & BMW Giveaway for MAHA Key Partnership with Chainlink MahaDAO Incubation … Read more

ARTH 2.0 Migration Plan for Mainnet launch!

Steven Enamakel May 28 · 3 min read In this article, we’d like to inform the community about the ARTH migration plan as we prepare for our big main net launch that’ll be happening in the month of June. This migration plan is only applicable to users who have used the ARTH v1 platform. The … Read more