Founders That Stake (Part II): The Palm Tree Network’s Jose F. Aznar

Kevin Lydon Jun 3 · 6 min read Welcome to the second part of Founders That Stake, a series of stories that explore narratives behind the people who built the foundation of the staking industry. This second part of the series is with Jose F. Aznar of Palm Tree Network. Jose is another key figure … Read more

Helios Staking Phase 3 Elrond Delegation: A Decentralized Approach

Kevin Lydon Mar 15 · 5 min read https:/ Here at Helios Staking, we are proud to be one of the top validators for the Elrond network. We’d like to take this opportunity to reveal our Elrond Delegation Phase 3 approach: The Approach Currently we manage 23 validator nodes with several fail-overs valued at over … Read more