HOPR Staking Season 6 Launch

Rik Krieger Jan 25 · 4 min read HOPR Staking Season 6 will launch on January 26th 2023, at 2 pm CET. As with all our seasons, it will run for 3 months. Read on for all the changes, including information about the new network rewards. You can get more information on the full staking … Read more

ARPA Monthly Report | December Progress Review

ARPA Official Just now·5 min read Dear ARPA community, To ensure that the ARPA community is well-informed on the team’s latest improvement, we update ARPA’s development dynamics and progress through our monthly report. Thank you all for your support! This is a look back at December. Enjoy! 01 ARPA Development Dynamics & Technology Progress Researched … Read more

2021 Q4 Quarterly Token Burn: 5,000,000 ARPA Tokens Burnt

ARPA Official Just now·3 min read Dear community and ARPA supporters: ARPA foundation has conducted a round of quarterly token burn as we mentioned in the earlier roadmap update. 5,000,000 ARPA tokens were burnt in this round, worth about $500,900 at the current price. The amount burnt has been sent to the black hole address … Read more

Wildhorn v2 Testnet Results

Dr. Sebastian Bürgel Oct 28 · 4 min read The Wildhorn v2 Testnet on xDai Chain has ended! As of 2pm CET, any withdrawals to a wallet address will not be counted to your final score. Thanks to everyone who participated. This time, we counted a total of 886 accounts who interacted with the HOPR … Read more

NEW Staking Pools open on BSC… and ERC20

dotmoovs 23 hours ago·3 min read That’s right: we’re back! We heard you. And… Seeing the pools filling in less than 6 hours might have given us the idea that demand was high! So, we decided to run a poll, and about ⅔ of you chosen BSC over ERC20 to run the next staking pool. … Read more

Shyft Network v.2 Ethereum Contract Upgrade

V.2 Integrates critical components and features for Shyft Network’s use cases, and it paves the way for the launch of the network. Shyft Network 1 day ago·3 min read Shyft Network was designed as a cross-chain, general purpose, smart contract infrastructure to support use cases that require compliance, identity & trusted data requirements. As we … Read more

UPDATED: Call to Check the Amounts of PHX, CPHX and vePHX Tokens for the Upcoming Airdrops

Crypto Michele Jun 2 · 3 min read Following the publication of our compensation plan — please see here and here — we have collected feedback from our community. In consideration of the information we have received, we have made changes to the previous SNAPSHOT FORM. In order to ensure a fair and smooth process, … Read more