Shyft Network Token Upgrade v.2 Troubleshooting

Shyft Network 2 hours ago·5 min read [ update Jul 1, 2021 4:51PM EST ] We’ve found another minor glitch that will result in a “success” transaction but no upgrade event. This will not affect the total balance or prevent you from any other activities. This will consume gas much like a failed transaction. Our … Read more

Shyft Network v.2 Ethereum Contract Upgrade

V.2 Integrates critical components and features for Shyft Network’s use cases, and it paves the way for the launch of the network. Shyft Network 1 day ago·3 min read Shyft Network was designed as a cross-chain, general purpose, smart contract infrastructure to support use cases that require compliance, identity & trusted data requirements. As we … Read more