Veriscope Launches Open Source Validator to Help VASPs Verify Their IVMS Files

Shyft Network Dec 7 · 2 min read With a growing number of countries enforcing the FATF Travel Rule, more and more Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) are turning to Travel Rule Solutions, such as Shyft Veriscope, for their compliance needs. Due to a lack of data standards, it has been challenging to facilitate Travel … Read more

Industry Reps Propose Decentralized VASP Discovery System at V20 Summit

Shyft Network Nov 21 · 3 min read The industry discussion during V20 has yielded six proposals for better counterparty risk management, a principle-based risk management approach, and specialized regulation. The summit’s call to action was to promote interagency and international dialogue. Almost 60 individual regulators across 18 countries joined the IDAXA-hosted VA20 summit at … Read more

Crypto Bill Introduced in Uruguay’s Parliament: What You Should Know?

Shyft Network Sep 20 · 4 min read The bill aims to clarify the country’s regulatory scenario for crypto assets. It proposes to establish the country’s central bank as the regulatory authority over cryptocurrencies. The proposal needs approval from the Chamber of Deputies and its Senate to be enacted into law. The executive branch of … Read more