New partner: Optimal IdM

We are glad to let you know that Optimal IdM (a global provider of innovative and affordable IAM solutions) has joined our mission to provide a “no more painful” authentication to its customers, as a partner. Our typing biometrics authentication solution will be available in their multi-factor authentication (MFA) offerings. “Having this kind of behavioral authentication extends our MFA offering … Read more

Authentication requests, free for early-stage startups & non-profit organizations

We are glad to announce that we support early-stage startups and non-profit organizations, by offering our typing biometrics authentication API service for free. Beginnings can be challenging and not having to worry about costs can be very relieving.It allows you to better focus on developing the actual project. Startup eligibility Non-profit organization eligibility Less than … Read more

Introducing TypingDNA Authenticator

TypingDNA, a Techstars NYC W’18 company, has launched a new solution that is intended to simplify the 2-step authentication process. The TypingDNA Authenticator Chrome extension runs on the user’s PC. This provides a viable alternative to using the mobile only Google Authenticator. Users who install the Chrome extension will no longer need to use their … Read more

TypingDNA’s latest behavioral biometrics breakthrough speeds up the authentication process

New typing biometrics solution requires fewer keystrokes EU Romania, Oradea – December 11, 2017 – TypingDNA’s latest breakthrough in behavioral biometrics can identify people based on how they type short, repetitive texts. For example, this technology provides a secondary form of login authentication for users who enter their email address and password. The new typing … Read more

Improving risk-based authentication techniques with typing biometrics

Risk-based authentication (RBA) offers companies and website users enhanced security without all of the hassles that are involved with always utilizing two-factor authentication. Although risk-based authentication absolutely uses a two-factor approach, an analysis of the specific risk is quickly run for each log-in to determine whether or not the second factor should come into play. In other words, … Read more

5 Advantages that make typing biometrics the best behavioral verification tool

Behavioral biometrics are well on their way to becoming a commonly utilized verification tool. In fact, everyone from government agents to students enrolled in an online university has probably already encountered behavioral biometrics, even if they’re not aware of it. This secondary method of authentication can come in many forms, including typing, verbal, face, and fingerprint … Read more

How behavioral biometrics can drastically improve online security

Identity theft and password hacking have become two of the biggest concerns for individuals and businesses worldwide. Unfortunately, typical forms of login authentication, including two-step SMS, are not strong enough to prevent data breaches. We could all start using outer retina or fingerprint scanners, but that requires an expensive external add-on that could still potentially get … Read more

Using typing biometrics to boost online university user authentication

There are currently almost 6 million students enrolled in an online university. This enables universities to greatly enhance their potential enrollment and profit, and it also makes it much easier for people to get an education. However, there is one big issue that has plagued online universities since their inception; how do you guarantee that the enrolled student … Read more

4 Advantages of typing biometrics

Additional and costly biometrics hardware, and difficult enrollment process are no longer an obstacle for online authentication when using typing biometrics. 1. Existing keyboard is enough Typing on a keyboard is the most popular and old way for people to interact with machines. It’s used for everyday communication, both personal or business, getting work done, … Read more

The way you type as a two-factor authentication

At TypingDNA, we set out to address the problems we all know about usernames and passwords. Because relying on passwords alone is history, you might already be familiar with two-factor authentication (2FA) and multi-factor authentication (MFA). It’s an additional step to verify that people are who they claim to be while online. For example, authentication … Read more