Recap on 2/24 ARPA Network x Coin Mühendisi AMA with CEO Felix Xu

On February 24th, ARPA Network’s CEO, Felix Xu, conducted an AMA session in the Coin Mühendisi community on Telegram. In response to the community’s most popular questions over the past few weeks, Felix delivered an insightful high-level overview of the latest developments and project plans. The AMA was expertly moderated by Coin Mühendisi’s CM, Burak … Read more

How Blockchain Takes Social Media Marketing Control Away from Tech Giants

Patricia de Hemricourt Jun 16 · 8 min read Social media marketing is a central tool to increase content discoverability. Yet, how much social media marketing is dictated by marketers and how much by tech giants? Find out how an emerging blockchain marketing solution restores full control of social media marketing tools to marketers and … Read more

How are 2key SmartLinks Immune to Click Spamming and Ad-Fraud?

Patricia de Hemricourt May 10 · 5 min read As click spamming and ad fraud plaguing the entire digital ad industry, some new players basing their entire business models on a different paradigm are emerging, bringing fraud-free alternatives. Spamming and click spamming are the bane of web 2.0. Both are the result of a combination … Read more

2key Blog | How to Adapt your Digital Marketing Strategy to the Blockchain Era

Patricia de Hemricourt May 3 · 5 min read Organizations that adapted quickly to the Internet and leveraged it to increase their visibility massively benefitted from their early adoption. Amazon was among those, starting to leverage the Internet for Business- to Consumer (B2C) e-commerce purposes as early as 1995, barely four years after the Internet … Read more

How to Add Referral Marketing to your Content Distribution Strategy — For Free!

Patricia de Hemricourt Apr 19 · 7 min read Referral marketing is typically used to onboard users by getting them to sign up, download, or otherwise perform a specific action. Until now, no technology catered to content distribution strategy. A free blockchain referral solution is changing that! Have you ever followed a recommendation from a … Read more