By all means, keep on MOOVing and you shall be rewarded

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Weekly Challenges. Are you ready for some action?

dotmoovs Mar 24 · 2 min read Mimic, beat the challenge, the score or the sequence Launching a new set of challenges Challenges and fun is what moves us! The Weekly Challenge is a new feature available at dotmoovs mobile app that allows users to autonomously play a set of different challenges to improve their … Read more

How does the freestyle soccer scoring and ranking work?

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WEEKLY RECAP: TikTok, Quaresma, Figo, partnerships and more

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MOOV Euro Championship 2021

Get onboard and show your skills! Awards are waiting for you dotmoovs Just now·3 min read dotmoovs is celebrating UEFA’s EURO 2020 with its own MOOV Championship… …and joining the party with some very unique challenges and prizes It’s the moment to share the same passion for dotmoovs as football fans will show supporting their … Read more