How to Add Referral Marketing to your Content Distribution Strategy — For Free!

Patricia de Hemricourt Apr 19 · 7 min read Referral marketing is typically used to onboard users by getting them to sign up, download, or otherwise perform a specific action. Until now, no technology catered to content distribution strategy. A free blockchain referral solution is changing that! Have you ever followed a recommendation from a … Read more

How Much Can You Earn by Sharing 2key Smartlinks? — Let’s Look at Real- Users’ Numbers

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7 Tips to Maximize Your SmartLink Reach and Impact

Patricia de Hemricourt Dec 20, 2020 · 8 min read As you know, SmartLinks are self-managed and, as soon as they are launched, your core supporters are spurred to share it further and so are their circles and so on. Aside from the PPC SmartLink reward itself, SmartLink referrers also earn rewards based on their … Read more