Node and Staking Season Analytics

Dr. Sebastian Bürgel Jan 30 · 4 min read Staking Season 6 has begun, and at time of writing over 45m HOPR have already been staked. We’ve already shown off our improved staking website and UI, but since node running is a major part of the rewards for this season, we’d like to take this … Read more

HOPR Staking Season 6 Launch

Rik Krieger Jan 25 · 4 min read HOPR Staking Season 6 will launch on January 26th 2023, at 2 pm CET. As with all our seasons, it will run for 3 months. Read on for all the changes, including information about the new network rewards. You can get more information on the full staking … Read more

8 Core Pillars and Trends of DeFi with Helios Staking and Injective

Kevin Lydon Jan 13 · 18 min read While a lot of building has taken place over the last year in our beloved Web 3.0 industry, there is no denying that the past year has also been a tumultuous time in the cryptocurrency space. Yes, the year 2023 has highlighted something else among doom scrolling … Read more

Albania Gives the Green Light to Regulating Crypto Exchanges

Shyft Network Oct 10 · 3 min read The Albanian Financial Supervision Authority has approved a licensing regime for cryptocurrency exchanges. Albania is all set to bring in a group of crypto-focused laws in the coming days, which will usher in a licensing mechanism for exchanges and make way for taxing the crypto profits of … Read more

MahaDAO’s new home:

Ankita Sontakke Sep 6 · 1 min read Hello community members, we are writing to inform you that all MahaDAO blogs will henceforth be published on the website, specifically This is a conscious decision taken to mitigate the number of channels where information is scattered. The migration will also establish the website … Read more

Veriscope Weekly Recap — 15th August to 21st August

Shyft Network Aug 22 · 4 min read In this issue we cover new Canadian requirements, a ban from the South Korean financial authority, and more… Welcome to another edition of Veriscope’s Weekly Regulatory Recap. In this week’s recap, we will look at ECB’s new guidelines over crypto asset licensing, compulsory pre-registration undertaking for Canadian … Read more

Shyft DAO Approves Veriscope VASP Grant Proposal to Enable Free FATF Travel Rule Transactions

Shyft Network Aug 10 · 3 min read A total of almost 2.2 million votes were cast by SHFT token holders on the matter; and 100% of the votes cast were in favor of the proposal. The Shyft DAO Business Development Committee submitted a proposal to the Shyft community on August 3, 2022, to grant … Read more

How HOPR Got People to Care About Privacy and Invest

Dr. Sebastian Bürgel Aug 8 · 5 min read HOPR is a little over two years’ old, and over that time we’ve used many different narratives to draw people’s attention to the huge privacy issues which plague Web 2.0 and web3. Although everyone we engage with agrees with our mission to change privacy for good, … Read more

Announcing HOPR’s Coinbase Earn Campaign

Rik Krieger Aug 3 · 2 min read Our recent Coinbase listing made HOPR accessible to a whole new part of the ecosystem. One of our main goals at HOPR is to bring crypto and data privacy knowledge to everyone, regardless of their level of technical understanding, and being listed on one of the world’s … Read more

The (not so boring) computer science behind your dance moves

dotmoovs Jun 21 · 2 min read FYI: There are no math formulas in this article. The dotmoovs mobile app allows you to put your dance skills to the test using a smartphone camera. But how are your dance moves rated? The starting point First, professional dancers are recorded doing a set of choreographies. Then, … Read more