Shyft Network’s Guide To Compliant DeFi

A look into how we’re ensuring compliance without removing the “De” from DeFi. Shyft Network Just now·4 min read Decentralized finance is the new frontier of investment and value propagation on the internet. It offers a new, innovative method for investing in assets. It removes the hassle of going through regulated channels and submitting many … Read more

HOPR DAO v0.1 Phase 3: The Vote

Dr. Sebastian Bürgel May 24 · 5 min read UPDATE: We encountered an error during final tests where Snapshot no longer correctly counts xHOPR and wxHOPR tokens stored on xDAI Chain. Since it’s essential that everyone has the correct voting power to match their holdings, we’ll be postponing the vote by 24hrs. Sorry for the … Read more

HOPR DAO Experiment 1: DEX Liquidity Distribution

Rik Krieger May 14 · 6 min read The HOPR DAO v0.1 officially launches today with our first governance experiment! In coming up with a good topic for the next governance vote, it was important to pick a topic which the community is highly invested in and can have full control over the outcome. For … Read more