Compliant DeFi — the way out of Commingling Clean and Illicit Funds in a Decentralized Finance…

Shyft Network Feb 24 · 11 min read Exhibiting signs of recovery after an FTX debacle-induced slump, the Total Value Locked (TVL) in DeFi crossed the mark of US$50 billion in February 2023. Cybercrimes also grew between 2021 and 2022, as a total of US$20 billion went to illicit addresses in 2022. Amid growing interest … Read more

8 Core Pillars and Trends of DeFi with Helios Staking and Injective

Kevin Lydon Jan 13 · 18 min read While a lot of building has taken place over the last year in our beloved Web 3.0 industry, there is no denying that the past year has also been a tumultuous time in the cryptocurrency space. Yes, the year 2023 has highlighted something else among doom scrolling … Read more

MahaDAO’s new home:

Ankita Sontakke Sep 6 · 1 min read Hello community members, we are writing to inform you that all MahaDAO blogs will henceforth be published on the website, specifically This is a conscious decision taken to mitigate the number of channels where information is scattered. The migration will also establish the website … Read more

Looking Back: A Year in Review for Injective

Kevin Lydon · Follow Feb 24 · 5 min read 2021 proved to be a significant year for Injective, characterized by major milestones, rapid adoption, high-profile investments, and significant media coverage. Let’s take a glance at some of the year’s highlights. However, before we get into it, let’s just do a refresher on what Injective … Read more

MahaDAO Community Catchup — January 2022

Pooja · Follow Feb 1 · 4 min read Hello MahaDAO Community, The start of every journey is categorized as an essential cornerstone to a dedicated process. MahaDAO has followed through, greatly since the very beginning with not just the inception of its DAO but also its products, upgrades, and partnerships when it comes to … Read more