Join The Meta Tournament with a shared prize pool of $200

dotmoovs · Follow Jan 31 · 2 min read Be one of the best of the week and win! Play between 1st and 7th of February 2022 Try to be one of this week’s best Meta, a word which, like so many other things, we have the ancient Greeks to thank for, is often used … Read more

2021, an AI Odyssey. The Year-in-Review

dotmoovs Just now·5 min read Back to when dotmoovs was first mentioned. The date? May 9th. That’s when the first blog post and tweet about dotmoovs came out. The first words written came in the form of a title: Introducing dotmoovs — a sports revolution fueled by a Blockchain and NFT powered platform. We just … Read more

AI Update, Events, MOOV the Block & much more #WeeklyRecap

dotmoovs Just now·2 min read Releasing a first glimpse on MOOV the Block Last week was time to unveil a first glimpse on MOOV the Block, an initiative that is being prepared and that will see the light of day very soon. Without wanting to give much away, we’re excited for bringing our 2 worlds … Read more

#WeeklyRecap with NFTs, Marketplace & a New Roadmap

Our road to the App is being built dotmoovs 3 days ago·3 min read This Week in Metrics: 77% Challenges Requested on the Plaftorm 43 Users From New Cities Registered 7% Higher MOOV Invested Per Challenges +50 New Users Registered Legendary NFT Packs SOLD OUT Our road to the App is being built “The Balls” … Read more

Partnerships, paradigm shifts and thinking Beijing 2022… #weeklyrecap

dotmoovs Just now·3 min read Well Moovers, another week has passed and with it a clearer vision on what to expect from the future. It’s Sunday Weekly Recap! First, a shout out to all our talented and dedicated members to join our Ambassadors Program. We know that several of our moovers are not great freestylers, … Read more

WEEKLY RECAP: Staking is a GO, tournaments, crowned champions, and MORE

dotmoovs Just now·2 min read Welcome to our weekly recap, dearest moovers, The world of sports is moving full steam ahead, and the Olympic Games have just started. How excited are you to see that this world that we are so passionate about is finally emerging from this year of paralysis? Well, we haven’t stopped … Read more

Weekly recap: Learn about AI and about prediction markets!

dotmoovs Just now·3 min read Welcome back, moovers! How are you after yet another week of building the foundations for a new era in sports and crypto? Oh, that was us? We’re doing very well indeed. Let’s tell you what we’ve been up to. Congrats, ITALIA We’d like to start this post by mentioning something … Read more

dotmoovs vs. Polkamarkets

Joining the prediction party dotmoovs Just now·4 min read Predicting markets? That’s what our friends at Polkamarkets are doing… And we’ve decided to join the party! We’re all for using blockchain to create an environment where it’s safe and friendly for people using it. But let’s start with the essential: what has Polkamarkets been doing? … Read more

The History of Artificial Intelligence: from Talos to dotmoovs

dotmoovs Just now·7 min read Hello moovers, This is the beginning of a new kind of article in our Medium. We are building this company on the values shared by the two communities we serve, sports and crypto. These values need to be present in everything we do, whether they be paying it forward or … Read more

WEEKLY RECAP: We are TRIPLING the payout for liquidity providers on Uniswap (and plenty more!)

dotmoovs Just now·3 min read Welcome back moovers, we have had yet another relentlessly inventive week, here at dotmoovs, and we are taking this opportunity to tell you all about it. So strap in, get ready, and let’s go: Do NOT forget our lottery It’s one of our most cherished initiatives, and we would hate … Read more