The Economic Manual of dotmoovs

A guide to successfully understand the World of dotmoovs dotmoovs Just now·9 min read We have been releasing the information on how the whole dotmoovs economics work. It’s now time to put everything together in one comprehensive article that gives a full insight on the most important questions about the World of dotmoovs. Summary: Intro … Read more

The xMOOV & Rollovers. Introduction to the economics of dotmoovs [Part 4]

dotmoovs Just now·2 min read MOOV & xMOOV Some time ago, even before the app was made public (Beta Version), dotmoovs started using a different naming for its token. Due to some technical, legal and financial constraints, it didn’t make sense to use the same name for the trading token inside the app and the … Read more

MahaDAO Community Catchup #6 — April 2021

Gafoor Khan Apr 30 · 3 min read We welcome you to another edition in the series of community catchup articles. In community catchup #6, we would like to share with you all some of the major milestones in the month of April. This is an in-depth article. If you wish to go through a … Read more