The new $PHX token, snapshot results and the adjustment of the compensation to liquidity providers

Crypto Michele May 27 · 3 min read The new $PHX token and the initial distribution As anticipated, FinNexus has been rebranded as Phoenix Finance, with a brand-new platform token — the $PHX. We are glad to announce that the new token smart contract has been deployed on the Ethereum mainnet. The address is 0xaec65404ddc3af3c897ad89571d5772c1a695f22. … Read more

UPDATE: FinNexus Options Trading Competition Results

Crypto Michele May 14 · 1 min read Dear Users, The team is glad to announce we have successfully conducted a review of the FinNexus Options Trading competition, which ended on April 30. Thanks to the suggestions of our community, we are now aware of a miscalculation concerning the time at which the competition ended. … Read more

Trading WAN Options on FinNexus: a how-to guide

Crypto Michele May 12 · 4 min read On May 12, FinNexus launched the first-ever options contracts with Wanchain’s WAN token as an underlier. This move will expand the choices available to the FinNexus community while further growing the reach of the WAN token. But how to actually trade WAN options? To solve all your … Read more