HOPR DAO v0.6 Results and Analysis

thewanderingeditor Feb 15 · 4 min read The Sixth HOPR DAO experiment has now ended. Thanks to everyone who participated on the forum and the almost 300 voters! This was our fastest experiment yet, with just a week between the announcement and the conclusion. We continue to adjust and refine our DAO processes to try … Read more

DAO v0.5 Results and Analysis

Rich Mcdowell Nov 29 · 5 min read The fifth HOPR DAO experiment has reached its conclusion. After almost two weeks of amazing discussion and voting, the DAO decided to allocate $600,000 in liquidity to external management as part of a six month trial. Arrakis Finance and Gamma Strategies will each be given $300,000 in … Read more

DAO v0.3 Results

Rik Krieger Mar 24 · 4 min read The third HOPR DAO governance experiment has come to an end. Nearly 150 people contributed to discussing our most technical topic yet, but the community more than rose to the challenge. This post will walk through the results and high-level stats of the experiment. Now that we’ve … Read more

HOPR DAO Fulfilment

Dr. Sebastian Bürgel Jan 14 · 6 min read The second HOPR DAO experiment ran from October 12th to 21st. The community voted on proposals for how to spend the HOPR tokens and DAI earned by the DAO as fees for providing liquidity. There were a lot of great proposals for how to allocate the … Read more

Withdraw & Stake MAHAX — Win a Tesla

Gafoor Khan Nov 11 · 2 min read Wohoo! MahaDAO is giving away a car again. This time, it’s a Tesla! 🏎 MahaDAO is super excited to announce the MAHAX Withdraw & Stake Campaign. To celebrate the upcoming MAHAX Staking Launch, we are giving away a Tesla for early lockers of MAHA. Read more below … Read more

HOPR DAO v0.2 Results

Rik Krieger Oct 22 · 2 min read The results are in for the second HOPR DAO governance experiment! Participation was through the roof across all three phases, culminating in two votes with nearly 300 voters deploying 9m HOPR tokens’ worth of votes in each vote. Here’s a brief rundown of the winning proposals. Full … Read more

HOPR DAO v0.2 Phase 3: Vote

Dr. Sebastian Bürgel Oct 19 · 4 min read After a week of lively and productive discussion, it’s time to vote in our latest DAO experiment. The vote runs from 2pm CET on October 19th to 2pm CET on October 21st. Once the vote begins, visit the vote Snapshot page and connect your wallet to … Read more