The Newest Corner of the Metaverse: Audi-Backed XR Passenger Experiences by holoride

Kevin Lydon Dec 27 · 6 min read Mario Kart meets Pikmin meets The Sims in this interactive, user-created world that transforms any car passenger’s ordinary commute into an adventure– holoride is a corner of the metaverse for people on the open road. With real-time data synchronization and location-based accuracy, this XR-powered world has been … Read more

Staking, Utility and Elrond NFTs

Kevin Lydon Dec 10 · 8 min read From multi-million-dollar JPEGs that grant entry into yacht parties with ultra-high net worth degens, to Secret Santa smart contracts created in the dev underground, the use cases for NFTs continue to shake the planet. Art, business, and other Web 3.0 examples of the technology are just starting … Read more