Attractive Returns & Open Access: Blockchain Offers Access to What Was Once Only Available to the…

Kevin Lydon Sep 9 · 9 min read In the midst of a rapidly changing global economy, blockchain opens access to more financial markets with attractive staking returns that match 1980s-level savings account interest rates. (Figure A Source: The Burning Platform) Previous generations had access to high-yield savings accounts, however, a far less percentage of … Read more

The Relationship Between Price & Social Media Mentions in Cryptocurrency

Kevin Lydon Aug 10 · 5 min read One of the most significant correlations in cryptocurrency has to do with a token’s price and social media mentions within a given time period. This has been studied both scientifically in research settings (Herff and Steinert, 2018 and Garcia and Schweitzer, 2015) as well as by scientists … Read more

Helios Staking and Injective Protocol: Summer 2021 Update

Kevin Lydon Jul 30 · 5 min read Mark Cuban-backed Injective Protocol has taken over DeFi with explosive force. As one of Injective’s leading partners, Helios Staking has been closely working with Injective to advance the mission of providing access to unlimited decentralized markets . Today we will touch upon the course of this partnership … Read more

Helios Staking is Live on Injective Protocol’s Equinox Staking

Kevin Lydon Apr 1 · 3 min read Like a super-group forming a rock and roll band with all star musicians, Helios Staking has joined and now live alongside nine other staking networks as part of Injective Protocol’s Equinox Staking Validator ecosystem. The list of Equinox validators are decentralized in nature both geographically speaking as … Read more