HOPR Wildhorn incentivized testnet launches on Polygon

Dr. Sebastian Bürgel Aug 24 · 4 min read Many in the HOPR community will remember Säntis, the very first HOPR testnet which ran on Polygon (then Matic) in late 2020. Now HOPR is excited to be returning to Polygon for the first of the advanced testnets linked to the HOPR staking program. This incentivized … Read more

Phoenix Finance Relaunch Plan

Crypto Michele Aug 2 · 3 min read Dear Community, We are thrilled to announce Phoenix Finance is about to deploy its products, including both options and leveraged tokens, on multiple chains. Please find an outline of our launch plan below. Chains and products: ⦿ Expected launch time: 9th Aug ⨂ Expected launch time: 16th … Read more