Meet Randcast: Architecture Design Topping Off, Alpha Version in Early 2022

ARPA Official Just now·5 min read TL;DR The Metaverse era has come, resulting in the strengthening demand for verifiable random numbers. Introducing Randcast, a verifiable, decentralized, low cost, high-efficiency random number generator to empower the creators of the metaverse. Q3 2021 — Randcast Preliminary Design and background research Q4 2021– Randcast architecture design & proof … Read more

The Shyft Network Roadmap

After a massively successful IDO on Polkastarter, the roadmap is laid out and the team is ready and excited to work towards it. Shyft Network Apr 7·6 min read We started Shyft Network with the view that one day our ecosystem would require critical infrastructure to ensure its stability. Now, more than three years later, … Read more