Cere Team AMA Recap + listing update

Cere co-founders Fred Jin and Kenzi Wang, together with CMO Martijn Broersma held their first community video AMA on October 26th. Whereas there can be improvements over the delivery/quality of the video stream, we’re very happy with the response of the community on the format, which means that we’ll have these AMA’s with the Cere … Read more

Project Update Cere Network

After a summer full of building, testing, and optimizing, we are ready for the next big phase for the Cere project! In this update, we will update you about the technology, the engineering process, the external developer program, a sneak peek into our NFT platform and the listing date! With our mainnet launch scheduled for … Read more

External Developer Program Update

As we are getting closer to the release of our mainnet, the opening up of our GitHub repo’s and the announcements of the products that we’ve been building, we want to highlight a very important aspect of the company’s success; our ongoing external developer program. At the start of this year, we began the external … Read more

Cere Network lowers the maximum contribution for the Token Offering on Republic

Dear community, In the last couple of days, we have received multiple requests from our community members to lower the maximum contribution for our token offering on Republic. Due to an immense amount of interest, we decided to stimulate decentralization of the network by lowering the maximum cap per token purchaser to $25,000 for the … Read more

A Cross-platform Cere Token Sale with Polkastarter — Whitelist open now until April 8th!

Cere Network is leading enterprise adoption via the Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC) platform for enterprises. Powered by the CERE token, Cere Network is embarking on an industry-first token sale by launching its token generation across three unique platforms. Together with our friends from Polkastarter, we’re excited to participate in their novel token distribution platform by … Read more

CERE to launch through Republic, DAO Maker, and Polkastarter after 80x oversubscribed private sale

Cere Network, the first Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC) platform, today announces the public offering on Republic (April 8th), DAO Maker (April 15th), and Polkastarter (April 19th). In order to satisfy the demand for the first public offering of the $CERE token, Cere is offering access to the sale across three platforms, this multi-platform approach is … Read more