010 The Resistance [HOPR Hunt Puzzle #8 — SOLVED!]

HOPR Team Apr 6 · 4 min read The day’s toil completed, Kanza returned to her habitation pod. Despite her efficient route planning, she had already missed maghrib, the sunset prayer. The absence formed a knot in her stomach, even though she knew it wasn’t her fault. Even before the biometric hatch slid open, she … Read more

001 Daily Toil [HOPR Hunt Puzzle #4 — SOLVED!]

HOPR Team Apr 6 · 4 min read Kanza looked up, towards Mecca. The erratic orbit of Settlement U-2649 made it hard to chart the qibla for daily salat, but she’d managed to hack together a module which projected a translucent overlay over the bare steel walls of her habitation pod. It was thoroughly illegal, … Read more