Unveiling the Cere Vision 2.0

In a world where power, money, and information seem to concentrate faster and faster into fewer and fewer hands, decentralization solutions are more important than ever. We can no longer give piecemeal support to Web3 ideals – we must act swiftly to bring truly decentralized and participatory solutions to the masses via multiple channels.  The … Read more

Missing Data Components of dApps: Finding The Key to the Future

This is the first article from the series of the Cere 2.0 Vision. In this series, we’ll dive into the exciting innovations that the Cere team has been working on recently, along with product releases, tech deep-dives, and live in-production client use cases built on Cere’s technology stack! Have you ever thought about where dApps … Read more

Cere Launches Public Decentralized Data Cloud Portal

After 3 years of development, the Cere Network team is proud to announce the public DDC testnet launch of its key innovation piece; the Decentralized Data Cloud! What is Cere DDC? Cere Decentralized Data Cloud is the world’s first blockchain-based storage solution that is optimized to capture interactions between users, (NFT) assets, and applications that … Read more

Cloud computing enters the age of blockchain and decentralization with the launch of Cere Network’s Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC)

At this point, there is no industry that has been left untouched by the cloud. The cloud computing market size in 2020 was worth a staggering $274 billion, which is just the tip of the iceberg, as some studies expect a compound annual growth rate of over 19% through 2028. Snowflake, a cloud data warehousing … Read more

Cere Network’s Road Ahead: Ecosystem Expansion

For Cere, 2021 was a momentous year by any measure. The Network achieved several milestones within the past year — as we met our funding goals led by Republic, took strategic funding from Polygon, launched the $Cere token, and began moving into the consumer space. Cere also received a Web3 Foundation grant to further develop … Read more

Cere Partnerships Overview

Learn more about who Cere Network partnered up with since its inception in 2019! Cere Network continues to form critical partnerships with a variety of blockchain outfits, both large and small. While these outfits occasionally fill a specialized need, they’re often undoubtedly strategic in nature as well. To be sure, each blockchain outfit strengthens Cere … Read more

Cere x Convergence Partnership

Today, we are happy to announce our partnership with Convergence to further bridge cryptocurrency with real-world asset investments. Convergence Finance uses fractionalization to make real-world assets interchangeable within the DeFi space. Simply put, the company enables the owners of unconventional private assets to connect with DeFi liquidity using an easy-to-use interface (that can integrate with … Read more

Shyft Network’s Guide To Compliant DeFi

A look into how we’re ensuring compliance without removing the “De” from DeFi. Shyft Network Just now·4 min read Decentralized finance is the new frontier of investment and value propagation on the internet. It offers a new, innovative method for investing in assets. It removes the hassle of going through regulated channels and submitting many … Read more

Shyft Network- Solving The Internet’s Identity Problem

From early ID management systems to the birth of Blockchain, learn how Shyft Network is building the most secure future for trust and identity. Shyft Network Just now·6 min read Identity has been a contentious point for humanity ever since we evolved societies. How are we sure that someone is who they say they are? … Read more

Cere Network Awarded Web3 Grant To Develop Turn-Key Private Blockchain Network

Cere Network has been awarded a Web3 Foundation grant, an award typically awarded to entities performing research and development in the field of decentralized software protocols. The grant allows Cere to further develop a turn-key Private/Permissioned/Standalone blockchain network that can be readily integrated by any enterprise. You can check out the documentation here. The Web3 … Read more